The chosen site for the New Central Library is located on the corner of Gloucester Street and Cathedral Square.

CCRP recognises that the New Central Library will assist in activating the Square and will be strongly connected to the Convention Centre Precinct and the Performing Arts Precinct and also linked to the Avon River Precinct and the Margaret Mahy Memorial Playground.

map showing the location of the New Central Library

Residents have expressed their desire to be able to easily access the central city amenities by car, bike, and public transport or by walking and that the New Central Library should be conveniently linked to other key destinations within the inner city. Importantly, the creation of a barrier free library will facilitate the use of the library by people of all abilities and at all stages of life.

3D visualisation of the New Central Library location

Inspiration for the New Central Library

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (CCRP) which was published in July 2012 outlines the future development of central Christchurch. It incorporates a spatial Blueprint Plan developed by a professional consortium working with CERA's Christchurch City Development Unit (CCDU).

The Recovery Plan defines the form of the central city and identifies the locations of key anchor projects throughout the CBD needed to boost the recovery. The New Central Library anchor project is included in a cluster of projects around the Square including the Convention Centre Precinct, Performing Arts Precinct and the Square itself.