Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are great fun and a cheap form of transport - training is a simple way to lessen your risk and help you enjoy your ride.

person riding a motorcycleYou may be an experienced rider returning to riding after a break; or perhaps you're just new to riding. Don't take your ability and survivability for granted.

Staying safe and enjoying your ride means being able to cope with whatever obstacles, challenges and surprises you might come across. 

Increase your knowledge and skills through a variety of trainers listed below:

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Responsible riders are survivors

There's simple ways to help others notice you on the road. Decrease your risk and increase your chances of survival:

  • Choose bright coloured gear over black or grey and add something reflective or fluorescent at night
  • Choose a white or light coloured helmet over a dark blue or black one
  • Ride with dipped beam on at all times
  • If you cannot see a driver's eyes in their mirrors, they cannot see you
  • Move within your lane to improve your chances of catching a driver's attention
  • In traffic, watch for drivers suddenly switching lanes without seeing you.

Did you know?

If your motorcycle is manufactured on or after 1 January 1980 you must use your headlight on dip (low beam) or daytime running lamps during daylight hours.