Our suburban streets play an important role for both residents and the city as a whole. They provide space for people to move around the city, green space, places to meet and socialise, and they often provide parking.

There is an increasing challenge to balance the competing demands on our streets.  Parking is vital to provide people with access and transport choice, and it supports the economic development of centres.  However, providing dedicated cycle and public transport lanes, landscaping and areas to socialise on our streets is also vital for the city. The Council is trying to balance the needs and priorities of all road users as parking is just one piece of an integrated transport network.  One of the solutions is to have a consistent approach to the supply and management of parking across Christchurch.

Council is seeking ideas for parking solutions and asking the community to send us their thoughts through a survey. Feedback and ideas put forward through the survey will shape the development of a Suburban Parking Policy to better manage parking on suburban streets. The Policy will be released for consultation once it’s completed.

To participate in the survey or read further about the parking issues visit Have your say or download the documents below.

Suburban parking survey [PDF, 1.8 MB] [PDF 1.79MB]

Suburban parking discussion document [PDF, 8.5 MB] [PDF 8.92MB]

Advantages and disadvantages of parking options [PDF, 234 KB] [PDF 234KB]