Consultations held to date on Sumner Lyttelton Corridor

Consultation booklet

June 2015 - geotechnical risk mitigation works security fencing consultation booklet [PDF, 995 KB]

Bund decision following Consultation

In November 2015, we asked the community to have their say on how some of the Corridor's mitigation works could look. Below are a summary of the responses we received and decisions that have been made following this feedback.

Consultation focused on the work at the corner of Wakefield Avenue and Nayland Street, opposite where the new Sumner Community Facility and Library will be built. Work at this corner will involve the construction of a rockfall bund along the western edge of Wakefield Avenue and southern side of Nayland Street to protect the road from cliff collapse and rockfall. We sought feedback on how this bund will look, with engineers providing two options for consideration.

During the consultation period 67 submissions were received, including a group submission from the Redcliffs Residents' Association and the Sumner Community Residents' Association.  Of these submissions, 61 supported the option of a rock faced bund, no submitters supported the option of a solid fence in front of the bund, and six submitters did not indicate a preference.

Taking that feedback into account, a decision has been made to go ahead with the rock faced bund.

Once the geotech works are completed, the containers will be removed and the sites will be left with temporary fencing to keep people out of the hazard areas, allowing us to get this community hub back and operational as soon as we can. 

Fencing is needed to keep the public out of hazard zones behind the mitigation works (such as bunds).  Of these areas, including the former footpath areas, the majority are Section 45 areas under the CER Act 2011, where CERA (and now LINZ) prohibit access by law for public safety reasons.

During the consultation, there were some concerns raised about fencing along the Corridor route. The project team met with Councillors, members of the Hagley Ferrymead Community Board, representitives of the Redcliffs Residents' Association and the Sumner Community Residents' Association in December 2015 to discuss these concerns further.

At this meeting it was agreed that the hazard mitigation work must go ahead, given the life risk in relation to the road, the small window of summer conditions where the work can safely take place, and to avoid delays which will leave the shipping containers in place for longer.

We understand that there are concerns with some groups in the community about the aesthetic component of the fencing. We will continue with the hazard mitigation work as planned, but put aside the fencing issue at this stage, and work with the Hagley Ferrymead Community Board and community to find an agreed option for how the fencing will look.

Sumner Lyttelton Corridor - geotechnical risk mitigation works consultation booklet November 2015 [PDF, 28 MB]

Sumner Road re-opening – Resource consent application and decision - 13 April 2015

Resource Consents, RMA92028441 and CRC154950, were been granted for the remedial earthworks and associated activities necessary for the re-opening of Sumner for full public access on 13 April 2015.  Read the Resource Consent [PDF, 13 MB].

Communities had the opportunity to provide feedback on the resource consent application. A public information leaflet was distributed to help people offer their comments.