Getting to work

Girl putting on helmetNow is the time to make the healthy, less stressful and least expensive choice for your commute into town to prepare for this.

Reduce your parking hassles, save money and reduce time spent in traffic, and contribute to making the city a better place to live.

Help our city

Choosing an alternative to driving to work even once or twice a week. It benefits you, the community and the environment by reducing local and global pollution.

Before the earthquakes, eighty-five percent of all trips around Christchurch were made in private cars and 19 out of 20 cars travelling to work had only a single occupant. This led to congestion, pollution, and busy city streets.

As we return to the central city, we have a great opportunity to make it a cleaner, safer, more efficient, and more pleasant place to be.

If you have question, want to learn a little more, or have an idea for how we can improve things, please email us.

Find out how you can be a healthy commuter

Young male with a bike next to a bike park on the pavement


Cycling to work, even once or twice a week, may be a great alternative to driving a car. It benefits you, the community and the environment.



You can walk almost anywhere, you don’t need any specialist equipment and you’ll soon discover that it makes you feel fit and healthy.

Public transport

Taking the bus

While on the bus you can check emails, Facebook, read, listen to music, or just relax and clear your head.

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Sharing your ride can be a fun and sociable way to start and end your working day. Carpoolers share the costs of driving, so the more people who travel together the cheaper it gets.