Christchurch City Council recognises that vibrant and thriving business precincts are important to having strong and successful communities.

Interesting and successful business precincts help make Christchurch a great place to live and visit and strengthens the distinctive lifestyle, qualities and identity we share. 

The key reasons the Council makes grant funding available to help establish Business Improvement Districts are: 

  • Attractive retail and commercial spaces strengthen community pride and help make Christchurch a place where people want to live.
  • Organisations establishing a BID programme rely on volunteers and often operate on modest funding.
  • To enable the establishment of a BID programme to be quicker and smoother than if the funding was not available.
  • Successful businesses and business districts provide benefits to residents in terms of quality of surroundings, consumer choice, employment and value for money. These outcomes make for a better community.
  • The BID model is based on sustainable funding through a targeted rate on business properties in the BID area. This model has benefits for the businesses participating, the Council and the community.

Business Improvement District (BID) Grant Fund guidelines

This guide details the Business Improvement District grant fund application process, eligibility requirements, assessment criteria and reporting requirements. 

Before you apply for a Business Improvement District grant, please make sure you: 

Download and complete a Business Improvement District Grant application form [PDF 205KB]