Rutherford Street Cemetery also known as Woolston Cemetery. The second oldest cemetery in Christchurch opened in 1866 and is now closed.

End of Rutherford Street(external link) (off Ferry Road towards Garlands Road), Woolston.

Map of Rutherford Street Cemetery [PDF, 48 KB]

Rutherford Cemetery The cemetery is located within an industrial area adjacent to a busy arterial road and factories. The cemetery can be regarded as both a separate cemetery and a churchyard, though it was some distance from St John's church itself. Originally maintained by St John's Church, the cemetery was taken over by the Council in 1983.

The cemetery was established midway between three adjacent Anglican parishes – Opawa, Woolston and Heathcote. The latter two prior to their division were known as Lower Heathcote. The cemetery was administered jointly by these three parishes prior to it becoming the responsibility of the Council in 1983. A funeral chapel was located in the cemetery, it was designed by R.W England Junior and constructed in 1888. The chapel was relocated to Jubilee Home in 1949, and then relocated to its current home at the City Mission in 1991. The foundations of the chapel remain and a garden was established on the foundations.

Arranged in the traditional monumental style of a late Victorian cemetery, the graves are laid out in a formal grid pattern. They are close together and are separated by narrow grass paths.

Well established deciduous trees including many notable trees provide a pleasant enclosed woodland feel to the cemetery, however there are still views towards the Port Hills.

More information on the Woolston Cemetery(external link) can be found on the Christchurch City Libraries website.