Aynsley Terrace walk

This walk in Hillsborough traverses each side of the Heathcote/Ōpāwaho River, with footbridge crossings at each end for an easy loop track.

Grandad with child and buggy on Aynsley Terrace Track. Start: Aynsley Terrace.

Finish: Same as the starting point.

Distance: 1.5 km.

Time: 30 minutes return.

Toilets: Located at Hansen Park.

Dogs: Under effective control.


Start on Aynsley Terrace next to the Heathcote River and walk along the track by the river's edge. The track becomes grassy between the river and the backyards of several private properties, ending at Riverlaw Terrace.

A few metres along, a footbridge crosses the river into Hansen Park, where there is a playground and sports fields. A sealed, shared path follows alongside the river’s edge, back towards Aynsley Terrace. Cross a footbridge to return to Aynsley Terrace, where you started.

Or for a slightly longer option (another 15 minutes) you can continue along the sealed path and then cross the river at the next footbridge, next to the Opawa community library. Turn right onto Aynsley Terrace to return to your starting point.

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