The cemetery opened in 1935 and is located adjacent to St Kentigens Church.

Kaituna Valley Public Cemetery

The cemetery opened in 1935 and is still open for casket and ash burials.

The rural location of this cemetery is significant as from all aspects of the site there are rural vistas which helps provide a feeling of openness. Within the cemetery area which is operational there are no trees. This is in contrast to the mature trees within the Church yard.

The plots in the cemetery are laid out with rows back to back orientate the same direction east/ west. The existing layout plan for the cemetery indicates denominational separation however, this has not been enforced. The headstones are mainly upright memorial headstones. There are a few with simple low cross structures and some plaques are attached to a cut natural rock. Extensive use of Halswell Quarry stone as plot covers is a significant feature of this cemetery.