Memorial park Cemetery opened in 1956 and is still open for casket and ash burials.

Memorial Park CemeteryCorner Cypress Street & Ruru Road(external link)

Map of the Memorial Park Cemetery [PDF, 378 KB] [PDF 210KB]

The cemeteryhas concrete beams for upright and reclining memorials. The cemetery is located on ancient sand dunes and has excellent, largely unobstructed views to the port Hills.

There is a Muslim burial area on the eastern side of the site where the graves are aligned facing to Mecca (14 degrees west of north), a Māori burial area or urupā near the Ruru Road entrance, and a Russian Orthodox area to the western side and a Pacific Island area.

Tree planting is generally associated with the driveway areas, with a diverse mix of shrubs and trees around the central area surrounding the public toilet which is more or less centrally located.