The Christchurch City Council is a member of the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Group.

The Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group(external link) is a partnership of local authorities, emergency services, volunteers and other organisations tasked with ensuring the effective delivery of civil defence emergency management in Canterbury. The New Zealand integrated approach to civil defence emergency management can be described by the four areas of activity, known as the ‘4Rs(external link)’.

What we do in an emergency

Initially, an event is handled by a relevant agency, for example the Fire Service. If an emergency escalates a range of agencies begin to work together. The agencies involved depends on the event, but usually include the  Fire Service, NZ Police, St. John Ambulance, Christchurch City Council and the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group(external link).

Emergency Operations Centre

Christchurch Civil Defence Emergency Management may open an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to monitor a developing event (e.g. snowstorm) or to coordinate the response to an event.

The EOC provides coordination between agencies, emergency management during the event, and during the response and recovery.

A state of emergency may be declared in large-scale events where a relevant agency is unable to cope and when powers of the CDEM Act (2002)(external link) are needed.

Sector Posts

Not every Sector Post will be open in an emergency.

A Sector Post is a centre for the coordination of community emergency response. It is opened and managed by local Civil Defence Emergency Management Volunteers.

Our volunteers(external link) may open a Sector Post at any state-owned primary school across Christchurch and Banks Peninsula if needed during an emergency. In outer areas such as Kainga, Brooklands, and Little River, Akaroa and remote parts of Banks Peninsula, the Sector Post may be located at a local community centre/hall.

Volunteers at a Sector Post collect information about the impact of an emergency in a particular area and report this information to the Emergency Operations Centre.