Payment of dog registration is due by 31 July each year. Holders of Responsible Dog Owner Status pay by 30 June for their cheapest fee.

If you don't pay your dog's registration fee you will be liable for a $300 infringement offence notice.  Your dog may also be seized and impounded, and you would then be liable for release fees as well as the dog registration fee.

If you are registering a new dog or a dog that has never been registered, please contact us(external link) directly to set up your dog registration.

Pay online in four easy steps

Step 1. Check your details are correct

Each year in June we post an application for dog registration form to all registered dog owners.  When you receive this, check your details and those of your dog(s) are correct.

If you have a new dog to register, you should notify Council of this so the details may be loaded ready for registration.

If the details are incorrect you can:

Or you can contact us. Changes will be completed within three working days and then you can return to pay online.

Step 2. Find your CCC User ID

You can find your CCC User ID on the application for dog registration form posted to you, or you can call the Council on (03) 941 8999 to find out your number.

Application for dog registration form

Step 3. Request a strip tag if you don't want a disc tag

When paying online you will receive a disc tag, if you would like a strip tag, complete the below form.

Only fill in this form just before making your online registration payment. At this time we are unable to store your preference for payment on another day.

We recommend that you soak your strip tag in hot water before bending it through the ring of your dogs collar and locking it.

Step 4. Pay your registration

Please note:

  • If you want to be issued a strip tag remember to fill in the online form above before going on to the payments screen.
  • You will need your credit card or online banking details.

Pay your dog registration by credit card or online banking

Read the Payment Express privacy policy.(external link) 

Other ways to pay

  • Telephone (03) 941 8999 or 0800 800 169 to pay by credit card
  • Post your payment slip with a cheque to: 
    Linwood Customer Service Desk
    PO Box 73025
    Christchurch 8154
  • Visit a Service Desk(external link) (listed on the back of the form) and pay over the counter.