Council requested that the 460,000 wheelie bins that were being made for residents contained a percentage of recycled plastic. During the time of manufacture recycled plastic has been in high demand and difficult to source.

Report lost, stolen or missing bin

There is no charge for a replacement bin if you report the loss within 24 hours of collection day.

Get a damaged bin fixed

Please phone the Council's Customer Centre to notify us of faulty or damaged bin.

Bins at demolished properties

If your property is being demolished, let Council know the demolition date. The bins will be picked up and and stored until you rebuild.

What to do when moving house

Wheelie bins are registered to the property, not to the owner. Leave the wheelie bins behind at the property you are leaving.

Looking after your bins

Tips to help you use and look after your wheelie bins, including assistance for visually impaired residents.

Wheelie bin stocktake

The Christchurch Wheelie Bin Stocktake began in July 2016. It is expected to take approximately three years to complete.