Contact the Council within 24 hours to report a lost, stolen or missing bin.

If bins go missing:

  • Phone the Council on 03 941 8999 or 0800 800 169 within 24 hours (and before 11pm on the day after your collection) to report the missing bin

  • Check that a neighbour hasn't taken the bin by mistake

  • The sticker on the side of the bin will show the right property address

  • If a bin has gone in to the hopper it will be replaced within four working days of it being reported by the owner or discovered by Waste Management

Replacement costs:

  • There is no charge for a replacement bin if you report the loss within 24 hours of collection day  
  • If you report the loss more than 24 hours later, there will be a charge per bin
  • If you leave your bin outside of your property after 11pm on your collection day and it is stolen, there will be a replacement charge, regardless of when you report the theft to the Council
  • If your bin is stolen from private property there will be replacement charges applied

Amount (inc GST) Description
$109.00 80 litre bin
$120.00 140 litre bin
$132.00 240 litre bin