Residential and commercial water supply connections.

Apply for a new water connection

A standalone application can also be made at any Council service centre.

Residential applications

Water connections are normally installed within 10 working days from the receipt of the application. The Council requires full payment of the water connection fee before the application.

Applications for new residential water connections are usually processed as part of a Building Consent application.

The Council's connection (or meter) box is usually located in the footpath just outside the front boundary. In some instances, they are installed in 'right of ways' and occasionally on private property. 

Commercial applications

Commercial water connections and fire service connections require some planning before the application can be processed. Complete your application for water connection and include a water supply site plan.

Commercial water connections require adequate backflow protection to protect the public water supply from contamination.

The Council will do an estimate of the cost for connecting to the city supply. Once the estimated fee is paid, work can start on your connection.

The time frame for installation is particular to each connection and is subject to factors like the location of the water main, traffic management and the size of connection.

Application for a temporary water connection (WS3) [PDF, 942 KB]