Our water use

The water dial below shows Christchurch's total water use for yesterday, including commercial users but not usage from private wells. The personal use information below the dial is just residential use only.

The Council uses this information to understand how the water supply is being used. Water restrictions for Christchurch are currently in place until 31 May 2019, to allow the city's water wells to be upgraded as quickly as possible.

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Water use by zone









What do the different colour zones on the water dial mean?

Green zone

This zone represents an average day's water use. Lower water use means we can take more wells out of service, upgrade well heads faster and then stop chlorinating the water sooner. We all need to work together to make sure our water use stays within the green zone.

Yellow zone

If our water use gets into the yellow zone this could affect our ability to upgrade well heads. We can only upgrade well heads when water use is low and they’re not being used.

Red zone

If our water use stays in the red zone for a number of days we won't be able to keep upgrading the city's well heads, meaning we'll need to treat the water with chlorine for longer.