City Council fees and charges for Streets and Transport for 2018/2019.

  • Fees and charges set under section 150 and in accordance with section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002
  • Set under the Special Consultative Procedure
  • G.S.T. inclusive (15%)
Item Fee
Activity - At Ground (or 'at grade') Parking  
Parking on temporarily vacant sites   
Determination of fees on individual sites is delegated to the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer within the following range: $0 to $25.00
per day or part thereof
Activity - Off Street Parking  
Reserved Parking - may change to reflect movements in all day rates subject to Parking Restrictions Subcommittee approval. $172.50
Unreserved Parking - may change to reflect movements in all day rates subject to Parking Restrictions Subcommittee approval. $133.00
Pay by plate revenue - determination of fees on individual sites is delegated to Parking Restrictions Subcommittee $3.20
(ii) Lichfield Street car park and Art Gallery car park  The determination of fees on individual sites is delegated to the Parking Restrictions Subcommittee.

$2.80 per hour Lichfield Street car park

$2.00 per hour Art Gallery car park

Activity - On street Parking  
(a) Parking Meters - discretion to set and modify fees within these ranges is delegated to the Parking Restrictions Subcommittee  
(i)  1 hour meters $3.00 to $10.00
(ii)  2 hour and 3 hour meters $3.00 to $10.00
(iii)  All Day meter rate  $3.00 to $10.00
(b)     Coupon Parking $3.20
(c)     Meter Hoods - per day $20.50
(c)     Meter Hoods - per month $306.00
(d)     Waiver of Time limit restriction $127.50
(e)     Residential Parking Permits $54.00
Activities On Street  
Normal road opening $461.50
High grade pavement opening $740.00
Footpath and minor openings - sewer $245.00
Footpath and minor openings  - stormwater $125.00
Corridor Access Request - Trenching / Trenchless Utilities Application $368.00
Corridor Access Request - Intersections Trenching / Trenchless $143.00
Corridor Access Request - Construction activity on sites adjacent to the road corridor $200 plus $2,500 bond
Water discharge $317.00
Vehicle Crossing Inspection - per crossing $153.00
Structures on Streets & application fees  
Landscape Features (retaining walls for landscaping / private land only) $266.00
Retaining walls for driveways (Board approval not required) $266.00
Retaining walls for driveways, parking platforms etc (Board approval required) $658.00
Preparation/Transfer of lease Document $398.00
Temporary  use of legal road - rate per square metre per month $16.50
- minimum charge per month $71.50
New street name plate and post  $617.00
Akaroa sign frames - Annual fee per name blade $172.00
Road Stopping  
When any person applies to stop a road, then the applicant shall be responsible for meeting the costs and expenses associated with the road stopping process as determined by Council.  
Application fee (provides for an evaluation of the application by Council) $608.00
Processing fee (following evaluation by Council, if the applicant wishes to proceed a non-refundable minimum fee will apply) $1,217.00
Traffic management plan applications or revisions  $195.50
Other Costs  

Other costs and expenses that an applicant will  be liable to meet include, but are not limited to:

  • survey costs
  • cost of consents
  • public advertising
  • accredited agent fees
  • Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) fes
  • legal fees
  • valuation costs
  • cost of Court and hearing proceedings
  • staff time
  • market value of the road
Street Site Rentals  
Garage Sites - Single (per annum) $200.00
Garage Sites - Double (per annum) $398.00
Air Space  
Temporary site rental - development purposes - per sq m per month $7.30
- minimum charge per month $60.00 minimum charge per month
- Miscellaneous Sites (per annum) $2,553.00
Application Fee for Discharging  
Ground Water to Road $322.00
Trading permits and licences  
Stall licence (up to six months in a 12-month period) $84.00
Street performance (busking) permit (up to 12 months) $37.00
Hawkers permit (up to 12 months) $37.00
Mobile shop permit (up to 12 months) $136.00