Takapuneke Reserve Cultural. Takapuneke (Red House Bay) Archaeological Discovery Protocol Agreement between Onuku Runanga and Banks Peninsula District Council.

  1. General Policy
    Ngāi Tahu has a general policy that recognises and deals in an appropriate manner with any archaeological material including Koiwi tangata (human skeletal remains) that are found or unearthed as a result of any site disturbance of archaeological/cultural sites.
    This policy is based on the founding principles of:
    1.1 Protection of sites of archaeological/cultural significance to indigenous peoples is guaranteed under various international declarations of civil rights
    1.2 Ngāi Tahu asserts the right to determine the management of archaeological/cultural finds within its tribal territory
    1.3 Historic Places Trust 1993.
    To ensure protection of such sites Ngāi Tahu requires those that are working in these areas to enter into a contractual commitment to meet certain conditions.
  2. Policy Purpose
    To manage and protect any discovery from any undue damage or loss
    2.2 To maximise the opportunity to retrieve physical and archaeological evidence and materials
    2.3 To ensure that Koiwi tangata (human skeletal remains) that maybe found receive dignified and appropriate cultural management
    2.4 To gather information on the lives, activities, food, resource use, trails and camp sites of Ngāi Tahu Tipuna (ancestors).
  3. Onuku Runanga Responsibilities
    Tikanga (Protocols)
    To inform the Banks Peninsula District Council on matters of Tikanga in relation to activities on-site.
    3.2 Discovery Notification
    To respond to any Banks Peninsula District Council discovery notification within a 24 hour timeframe specifying the following:-
    (a) What arrangements have been made for site inspection?
    (b) Actions and timeframe required to remove or protect archaeological material.
    3.3 Runanga Contact List
    To inform the Banks Peninsula District Council of any charges to following contact list:-
    Name Address Telephone Fax/Email
    Theo Bunker 33a Snowdon Road,
    Christchurch 8005
    W (03) 364 0827
    H (03) 351 3307
    (03) 364 1189
    Wi Tainui 50 Rue Balguerie,
    H (03) 304 7169  
    Waitai Tikao 10 Avoca Valley Road,
    H (03) 384 6266  
    Donna Little 12 Selwyn Avenue,
    H (03) 304 7048  
  4. Banks Peninsula District Court Responsibilities
    Internal Management
    To ensure that all staff, contractors and sub contractors are aware of and abide by this protocol.
    4.2 Discovery Notification
    That upon discovery of anything that could be of a cultural/archaeological nature, the immediate area will be secured, all work on site will terminate immediately and Onuku Runanga contacted. (In the case of suspected human remains the police are also to be notified.) Work will not recommence without the explicit agreement of Onuku Runanga.
    Resolution of the Banks Peninsula District Council: 16 June 1999
    Resolution number 99/162