Everything you need to know to get started on your bike!

As a form of transport the bike is hard to beat. It's non-polluting, human powered, takes up little space and is often the quickest form of transport for journeys of less than 5km, especially around towns and cities.

Getting started

Learning to ride a bike

If you're new to riding a bike it's a good idea to refresh on the basic cycling skills(external link) that are crucial for riding safely in the community. 

Choosing and caring for your bike 

There are many different bike options depending on your requirements. Bikes with a range of gears make cycling easier on undulating and hilly terrain, while bikes with narrow tyres can be more efficient. The Ministry of Health(external link) has great information on how to choose and care for your bike, keeping your bike in safe working order and lots more.

Learning the rode code

Before cycling on the road you must know the road rules(external link). They apply to cyclists as well as those using motor vehicles. Adhering the rules help prevent crashes and reduce the risk of injury. 

People of different ages cycling along a path