Long Bays

Track status: Closed from Lyttelton to Summit Road

Start: Dyers Pass Road or Cashmere Road.

Finish: Same as the starting point.

Description: The Lyttelton to Summit Road section of this ride is closed (Sumner Road). The alternate route suggested is:

  • Follow Cashmere Road and turn right onto Kennedys Bush Road.
  • Turn left at Glovers Road, left onto Halswell Road and then left onto Old Tai Tapu Road until it meets the Christchurch Akaroa Road. Turn left and follow it, turning off at Gebbies Pass Road.
  • Ride up and over the pass descending to Teddington and turning left onto Governors Bay Road. Shortly after passing Governors Bay ride up Dyers Pass Road to the Sign of the Kiwi from Governors Bay.
  • Follow Dyers Pass Road down to Cashmere Road.
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