13 Major Cycle routes

Descriptions and latest progress for each of the 13 Major Cycle Routes, which will connect suburbs to the Central City via local attractions.

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Papanui Parallel – now open

Puari ki Papanui: The cycleway will connect Northlands and the Northern Line Cycleway to the Central City.

Uni–Cycle - now open

Puari ki Pū-taringa-motu: The Uni-Cycle route runs from the University of Canterbury to the central city.

Rapanui – Shag Rock Cycleway

Puari ki Rapanui: Starting at the Ferrymead Bridge, this route leads into the Central City via Linwood.

Little River Link - now open

Puari ki Wairewa: This will connect new developments in the south-west into the Central City as well as the business areas at Middleton and Addington.

Quarryman’s Trail

Puari ki Otūmatua: Connecting Halswell to the Central City via Hoon Hay and Somerfield.

Heathcote Expressway

Puari ki Kahukura: From Heathcote through Woolston, Opawa, Waltham and Sydenham into the Central City along large sections of the rail corridor.

Northern Line Cycleway

Puari ki Pū-harakeke-nui: From Belfast to South Hagley Park and the Central City.

Nor’West Arc

Te Ara O-Rakipaoa: From Hoon Hay through Middleton, Upper Riccarton, Bryndwr and Papanui.

Southern Lights

Puari ki Waimōkihi: This route will connect the southern suburbs around Beckenham to the Central City.

South Express

Puari ki Niho-toto: Connecting Hornby, Sockburn and Middleton to Riccarton and Addington.

Avon − Ōtākaro Route

Puari ki Te Karoro: New Brighton will be connected to the Central City via the Avon River corridor.

Wheels to Wings

Papanui ki Waiwhetū: Wheels to Wings connects with the Northern Line Cycleway at Papanui.

Ōpāwaho River Route

Ōpāwaho ki Ihutai: Following the Heathcote River from Princess Margaret Hospital to the estuary at Ferrymead.