Puari ki Pū-harakeke-nui: From Belfast to South Hagley Park and the central city.

Following consultation on the Northern Line Route carried out in 2016 a Major Cycle Routes Committee set up to consider the Quarryman's Trail and Northern Line routes approved the Northern Line route for detailed design and construction.

Thank you to all those that submitted on the Northern Line Major Cycle Route: 

The existing rail path between Kilmarnock Street and Tuckers Road is a popular route for pedestrians and cyclists. The Northern Line cycleway will extend this facility at both the southern and northern ends to provide a full shared path from Belfast to South Hagley Park. This will provide route connections to Hagley Park, Northlands Mall, Styx Mill Reserve and the many schools along the route. 

At the northern end of the route there are a number of identified urban growth and development areas in Belfast. Due to uncertainty with the timing of this development, the proposed Northern Line route currently ends at Radcliffe Road. A future extension of the route to Belfast Road will be examined as more development occurs in the area.

The cycleway will provide a facility for connecting with schools and local centres in the north. There are also connections to Papanui Parallel, Nor’West Arc, Wheels to Wings and Uni-Cycle routes.