Puari ki Otūmatua: Connecting Halswell to the central city via Hoon Hay and Somerfield.

Students from Te Whānau Tahi school ride along the Quarryman's Trail cycleway

Construction is complete on the section of the Quarryman's Trail between Moorhouse Avenue and Victors Road. The section of the cycleway features 6700m2 of new cycleway and 6100m2 of new footpath, along with six new sets of traffic lights, drainage works, landscaping and lighting upgrades. Construction is underway of the section of cycleway between Victors Road and Te Hāpua in Halswell at the intersection of Sparks Road and Hendersons Road.

The full route starts on Antigua Street and goes south along Antigua and Strickland Streets before turning to the west into Roker Street. The cycleway then joins up with Frankleigh Street and Sparks Road, turns off Sparks Road into an existing reserve, which connects to James Hight Drive, and the cycleway finishes by going through Halswell Domain and along Halswell Road as far as Te Hāpua.

The Quarryman's Trail will support the residential growth areas around the south-west of the city by offering another attractive transport option for commuters. It will connect the Halswell suburb to the existing shared pathways in South Hagley Park and the Central City via Hoon Hay and Somerfield. There is a connection to the Southern Lights and Nor’West Arc cycleways.

Consultation was completed on the Quarryman's Trail route in 2016. Of the 466 submissions received, 284 supported the Quarryman’s Trail cycleway proposals, 138 generally supported the proposal with some concerns and 38 were opposed to the Quarryman’s Trail cycleway. The remainder (eight) did not indicate a view either way.

As a result of the feedback a number of changes were made including:

  • extension of the cycle path further south to the main entrance of Te Hāpua: Halswell Centre
  • four additional car parks in various locations on the route
  • improved connectivity into Bradford Park
  • an improved crossing facility at Dominion Avenue

* Otūmatua (a peak on the Port Hills) is the outstanding feature of the south-west.