Puari ki Pū-taringa-motu: The Uni–Cycle route runs from the University of Canterbury to the central city.

Students ride through the University of Canterbury

The route is now complete, featuring 5.6 kilometres of cycleway as well as improved lighting, footpaths, upgraded intersections and landscaping.

People riding and running on the cycle path

Uni–Cycle passes near a number of major high schools and several intermediate schools in addition to the tertiary locations.

The route connects with the Nor’West Arc at Ilam Road and the Northern Line Cycleway at Mona Vale. 

The route is exceeding the predicted number of cycle trips with an average of 419  trips counted on University Drive on weekdays with an average of 1058 trips a day through North Hagley Park.

Uni–Cycle was named the Supreme Winner at the 2018 national Bike to the Future Awards having also won the award for built excellence. 

Judges described the cycleway as an "exemplar project" and a deserving winner of the award.